12 Waste reducing brands you need to know

We’re all looking for easy ways to help the environment (emphasis on the easy!). 

So, we’ve put together a list of some of the amazing companies out there that are providing easy sustainable solutions to everyday life. So take a look at the brands below and see if any are right fit for you and your little one to help save the planet (and your time and money!).


1. Onloan - Rent everyday clothes.
Onloan is a clothing rental service for premium everyday outfits. They aim to reduce waste, while reigniting your love of clothes without the guilt! Through a monthly subscription you can get your everyday outfits sustainably delivered to you, and send them back you're done to eliminate waste!

2. Hirestreet - Rent occasion-wear.
Focused on inclusivity and accessibility, Hirestreet stocks outfits from premium high street retailers including Keepsake, Lavish Alice and Talulah. The brand's motto is confidence without compromise - they aim to empower their community of renters by helping them reduce their fashion carbon footprint and save financially. So they’re perfect for that first post-lockdown date night we’ve been waiting to dress up for!

3. By Rotation - Rent out your own wardrobe.
Yes, ANOTHER clothing rental service (you can never have too many when it’s helping save the planet and your purse!), but this one’s a bit different. By Rotation is a peer-to-peer rental app, which means you can rent out your own clothing! With a more affordable and inclusive approach to enjoying “new” fashion, By Rotation have created a self-sustaining and conscious community of fashion lovers. They encourage people to rotate their wardrobes and share their items through a trustworthy platform. By making quality fashion more accessible and prolonging the life cycle of quality items already in circulation, they aim to avoid adding textile waste to landfill and change the way we consume fashion.


4. Recono.me - Get recycled tech
Recono.me collects and repairs electronics so they can stay in use for longer. They aim to move away from the “throw away” culture of electronics and follow a circular model. So, if you have an unused or broken device, or you are looking for an affordable device without the environmental impact of buying new, check them out. 

5. Ecosia - Search the web to plant trees 
Ecosia is a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees - it’s as simple as that! And, unlike other search engines, their servers run on renewable energy, every search request you make actually removes 1kg of CO2 from the air - crazy, we know! This one’s a no brainer, set it as your default search engine right now!

6. FatLlama - Share your household items 
Fat Llama connects people who need things - with people who have them. They say that sharing is the future, and that having experiences is more important than owning stuff. They want household items to be easily accessible to everyone and give everyone the ability to easily share the items they have (and make money for it). 


7. Oddbox - Rescue fruit & veg from farms
Oddbox helps you save the planet by fighting food waste. They rescue farm-fresh fruit & veg that could otherwise have gone to waste and deliver it straight to your door. Each box is filled with a variety of colourful produce straight from the farm and includes recipes and tips on how to maximise your ingredients and minimise your waste.

8. Too Good To Go - Save food waste 
Every day, perfectly edible food goes to waste at cafes, restaurants and stores all over the UK. Too Good To Go is the free app that lets you rescue this delicious, unsold food for a discounted price so it’s enjoyed instead of wasted.  ⅓ of food produced is wasted, and it’s putting the environment under a lot of strain. By rescuing a meal, you’re playing an important part to help fight climate change by easing the pressure on our planet.


9. Bundlee - rent your baby's clothes as they grow
Bundlee is the UK’s first rental service for baby clothes! Giving parents a sustainable alternative to buying clothes, that's good for the planet and their purse. Renting is the easiest way to always have the right sized clothes and not have to worry about waste. With Bundlee, you can rent high quality cotton clothing and simply swap outgrown clothes for the next size up! This rental model extends the lifespan of clothes by 400%! Helping you to create a better future for your baby to grow into.

10. Buggi - Rent your baby's buggy.
Buggi is the UK’s first and only buggy subscription service offering a range of refurbished and brand new leading buggy brands direct to your door.
Buggi aims to make parents' lives easier, and to help make choosing and using a buggy more convenient, flexible and affordable, all whilst reducing our carbon footprints through prolonging their lifespans with our ongoing refurbishment service. A monthly subscription gives you the opportunity to use your Buggi for as long as you need, and switch brands or models as your needs change and as your family grows.


11. Whirli - Subscribe to a sharable toy box
A Whirli subscription gives parents and their little one(s) access to a huge shareable toy box. Parents pick the toys they want, they get delivered, and they simply send them back when they are done in exchange for something else. It's easy-peasy. Whirli helps UK families reduce toy clutter with a more affordable and sustainable way to play.

12. The Bike Club - Swap your outgrown bikes
If your little one is not-so-little anymore, this one’s for you - The Bike Club aims to make cycling more affordable and even more sustainable. They rent children's bikes so when your child grows, you can simply exchange it for a bigger one.

We hope this list has given you lots of ideas to make your everyday a little easier and environmentally friendly!

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