What to get a new baby or new parents for Christmas?
The answer: not more stuff.  

New babies already have loads of stuff. Teddies, toys, especially clothes. Babies outgrow 7 clothing sizes in their first 2 years, with many gifted clothes getting outgrown before they are even worn. 

So before buying them more stuff, this is where we come in, giving parents the opportunity to rent their baby clothes.

You can gift a 3 or 6 month subscription to Bundlee, and the new parents will receive 15 stylish pieces of clothing, tailored to the season and the age of their baby. Parents keep the clothes for as long as they need them, then simply swap outgrown clothes for the next size up. 

This ethical Christmas present for babies is the gift that every new parent needs, helping them to be more sustainable, while saving them space and money. Gifting Bundlee is the perfect idea to surprise the eco-friendly parent in your life with a unique and practical present that’s good for the environment.

Gift a Bundlee subscription this Christmas – the parents and the planet will thank you! 

Prepaid subscription gift options:

3 months - £64
6 months - £120


Gift Bundlee

Here’s how it works…

1. Choose how many months you would like to gift
Surprise the new parents in your life with the perfect sustainable gift. Choose 3 or 6 months and we will send you a printable voucher by email or a gift card through the post.

2. They activate their subscription
Inside their bundlee is the perfect capsule wardrobe of clothes curated for their baby’s size, and the changing seasons.

3. Become their hero
When they’re ready they can simply swap their bundlee for the next size up. With no cupboards full of outgrown clothes, you’ll have saved them space while they’re saving the planet. Best gift ever!