Hospital Bag Checklist for Sustainable Parents

As with all things related to pregnancy and babies, figuring out what to put in your hospital bag can seem like a big task, especially if it’s your first time giving birth. Here’s our list of the essentials you will need and the most convenient sustainable alternatives you can try.

When should you pack your hospital bag?

It’s best to have it sorted at least two weeks before your due date.If you’re planning an at-home birth it’s a good idea to pack a hospital/birth bag anyway so you know you’ve got everything you need and it can be used as a ‘just in case” for if you do end up going to the hospital, it’s best to avoid stressful last-minute packing!

What to pack for you

Your Essentials

- Your birth plan and maternity notes – keep a list of important numbers in here too.

- Clothes - Something loose and comfy to wear during labour that’s nice and airy and keeps you cool. A cosy nighty or a big t-shirt is perfect.

- Phone and charger.Healthy (or not so healthy) snacks and drinks - to keep your energy and mood up!

- Your own pillow, or a giant pregnancy one for extra comfort (yes please!).

- Your wash bag with your toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, soap, flannel, deodorant, hair ties and other toiletries plus any medication you’re taking.

- Towel - At least one for a shower after birth (don’t take your finest white organic cotton though!).

- A reusable water bottle - you’ll need a pretty much constant supply of water.

- Sanitary towels - if you’d like to go down the reusable route, Little Lamb’s Bamboo night pads are exactly the protection and comfort you need for post-birth flows. Or these Organyc Maternity Pads are a great organic alternative.

- Going home clothes – you want to be comfortable for your journey home so pick loose soft maternity clothes (with high waists if you are planning for a c-section).

Nice extras

- Chill-out kit including books, music or podcasts (more for the early stages…).

- A fan or water spray to cool you down.

- Slippers – you can slip these on easily if your feet get cold or to wander around the hospital inSkincare (even at the hospital you deserve a little TLC).

- Lip Balm – a lot of mums comment on having sore dry lips from using the gas and air.

And if you’re planning to breastfeed, add:

- Bras - 2 or 3 comfortable nursing bras.

- Breast pads - Using reusable pads is a really simple sustainable switch, our favourite are these Cheeky Wipes Bamboo pads with a tapered shape.

- Clothes - Front-opening nighties or pyjama tops.


What to pack for your baby


- Sleepsuits, bodysuits and bottoms – The most sustainable way to dress you baby is to rent clothes with Bundlee. Our 0 - 3 months capsule bundlees come with 15 quality essentials your newborn will need. The clothes even come freshly sanitised and in a reusable bag you can easily take straight with you to the hospital and know you’re sorted with everything your little one will need.

- A pramsuit and hat if it’s cold - don’t waste money on an expensive pramsuit your little one will grow out of in a matter of weeks. Rent any extra seasonal clothing your little one will need from Bundlee.

Nappies and wipes

- Nappies - If you are planning to use cloth nappies and wipes for your little one, don’t feel the pressure of using them straight away. There are other sustainable alternatives that will make your life a lot easier for the first few days while you find your feet! Kit & Kin offer easy biodegradable nappies and wipes, it’s a good idea to stock up on about 20 newborn nappies and a few packs of wipes.

- If you’re feeling confident about using reusable nappies from the get-go, try Bambino Mios ‘Misolo all-in-one’ nappies that are adjustable nappies that nicely fit newborns and adjust to grow with you baby. Cheeky Wipes’ soft organic cotton wipe kits are perfect for helping with those changes and saving the planet at the same time.

Other Essentials

- Bottle – bring along a bottle to help feed your little one.A car seat for the trip home.

- Muslin squares – bring a couple to mop up any spills or messes easily, you can get bright organic options from Pattie & Co.

- A natural rubber dummy.

We hope you find this useful during this exciting time!

Need any extra help and advice? Check out the The Bundlee Club to find other sustainably-minded parents to share and learn all the best tips! 

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