How many baby clothes do I need?

For new parents it can be confusing working out how many items of clothing your baby will need. On top of that, your little one’s constant growth can make it difficult to keep up with their size and what to do with all of the outgrown items.

We’ve put together a list of the essentials you will need and explored how renting your baby’s basics can make everything easier and more environmentally friendly.

How many items of clothing will your baby actually need?

How often you do laundry can make a big difference to how many items of clothing you’ll need to have on hand. This list is based on washing a couple of times a week.

8 Bodysuits
Bodysuits are the ultimate staple - an easy outfit in the summer and a perfect layer in the winter. Have these with a mixture of sleeve lengths (vest, short and long) to suit the season.

3 Rompers 
Lovely as an everyday throw on, particularly in the winter months.

4 Sleepsuits
As your baby gets older these can be swapped for PJ tops and Bottoms.

4 Leggings/Joggers
Great to layer over body suits in the chillier months.

3 Tops
Long and short sleeve tops make for great layers and can be substituted for dresses if preferred.

3 Cardigans/Jumpers
Perfect for layering, a selection of 3 should be plenty.

4 - 6 Pairs of Socks
To keep your little ones toes warm! Also consider booties, these can give some extra warmth for the winter months.

2 Hats 
Beanie-style hats are important in the early weeks and months to keep your baby warm. And a sun hat is essential in the summer months for protection from the sun.

Cover up little hands with cozy mittens. Scratch mittens can also come in handy for newborns.

A Coat
In the winter, babies need at least one layer of warm outerwear.

How can renting help?

This list may seem daunting - there’s a lot to remember! And having to think about buying a whole new set of clothing each time your baby grows can be time consuming, expensive and wasteful. However, renting with Bundlee makes it easier to regularly update your baby's wardrobe making sure all their favourite items grow with them!

You just don’t know how fast your baby will grow! So renting is a quick and easy way to get a capsule wardrobe of all the essentials delivered to you when you need them. And it ensures the clothes your baby has grown out of are not thrown away and wasted - you get all the benefits of ownership without the burden of waste.

How renting works

What’s included in the bundlee?

A rented bundlee includes the perfect assortment of 15 quality cotton bodysuit, rompers, sleepsuit, tops, cardigans, jumpers, joggers and leggings. Each bundlee is curated for your baby’s size and the changing seasons, from 0 to 24 months.

Most parents use their bundlee items as a capsule wardrobe to cover half of the clothes they need. So if you like picking out special outfits and enjoy shopping for baby clothes you can still do this but it takes the stress out - you already know you’ve got the basics covered in the bundlee!

Inside the bundlee

How to supplement the bundlee

To supplement the bundlee, you can buy high quality items which you know you can happily donate or pass on once your baby grows out of them. Or you can buy 2nd hand or use hand-me-downs. This is great as you know you already have the basics covered so you don’t have to struggle to find specific items, you can go with what’s available and make the capsule wardrobe work for you.

Resist the urge to buy too much before the baby arrives! You’ll have a better understanding of what sizes and styles work best for you once your baby is here.

What about gifts?

For gifts, ask for 0-3 month and even 3-6 month clothing and just have a few newborn sleepsuits on hand. It’s better to have things that are too big than too small - your baby will grow quicker than you can imagine!

You can also ask for a bundle gift voucher! These make great baby shower gifts as you can activate it whenever you need the clothes. 

Gift a bundlee