How to host a virtual baby shower 

You had it all planned. Whether you were planning a baby shower for your friend, a relative or perhaps your own, it was all perfect - and then there is a lockdown and everything’s different! Not to worry, there’s plenty of celebrating that can be done safely behind a computer screen, expecting mothers and friends will just have to get creative when planning the highly anticipated baby shower.

We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks for planning the perfect virtual baby shower and made you a check-list to make it easy!

1. Virtual Venue

There are plenty of options when it comes to video calls. You may already have a favourite which you’ve been using to keep in touch with your family and friends. Here are the top 4 free and easy to use services we’ve found:

Skype - Free to use, can have up to 50 friends on at once and can chat for up to 4 hours.

Zoom - Free and allows up to 100 users. However the free version of Zoom only allows up to 40 minutes so you may need to be prepared to start up a new video call and send out the details to all of your guests again. (Top Tip: Zoom often gives complimentary extra time to hosts using it for the first time so try setting up a new account and use that!)

Facetime - Allows up to 32 devices, as long as they have Apple products.

Google Hangouts - up to 25 friends can chat at once, but everyone needs a Gmail account.

2. Invitations

For invitations, Facebook events pages are easy to make and means there’s a place for the link to the virtual shower to be posted and be easily accessible to your guests.

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands try paperless post, evite or Greenvelope, for virtual invite options. Or, if you’re really feeling the lockdown boredom and want to get creative, get the arts and crafts out (and a pinterest inspiration board) and make your own invites to post to your guests!

You might want to put staggered times on the invitations you send out, that way guests can arrive at the video call in 5 minute intervals which will allow mum-to-be to catch up with each person for a few minutes when they enter the call. This will make the beginning of the call feel a bit more natural, and ensures mum has said hello to everyone. It’s hard to give everyone a chance to speak in large video calls and this makes up for that!

3.  Theme and Decorations:

You may have to think a little differently when it comes to choosing the decorations. Think wallhangings, balloons, bunting, banners and badges. These can be sent in a care package to the mum-to-be before the shower.

You could ask your guests to find and put up any decorations they have around the house already or, if you’re using Zoom as your virtual venue, take advantage of their custom background feature. To do this you could take a picture, or find a good one of decorations online and set it as your Zoom background. This is sure to get everyone feeling in the party spirit!

4. Food and Drink

Try sending out a range of easy recipes for nibbles and mocktails for the guests to make for the shower. Sharing the same food and drink will make it feel more like you are all together. Just be sure to take guests' potentially limited cupboards into consideration.

If you want to do something extra special for the expecting mum, see if there are any local bakeries still delivering and send her favourite cake to her house on the day of the shower!

5. Games

Keep everyone entertained by doing a few games. It’s a good idea to ask different guests to organise a different game so everyone can have a good time and join in the fun. Here are some ideas for games you might like to play:

The Price is right - hold up 4 or 5 baby items to show the camera (such as a bottle, nappies or a toy) guests then write down their guesses for the total price of the items. Then, everyone holds their guesses up to the camera and the closest to the total price wins!

Who’s that baby? - before the shower starts, ask guests to email a baby photo of themselves, they then have to guess who each baby is. This can easily be done by printing the photos out and holding them up to the camera, sending the picture in the video call’s chat, or by using the screen sharing feature.

How well do you know mum? - Create a quiz focused around the expecting mum, try questions like “What’s her ultimate pregnancy craving?” “What’s her favourite movie?” or “Where was she born?”.

Baby Predictions - Everyone guesses the weight and birth date and time of the baby (Although you may have to wait a while for the answer to this one!)

Name that tune - Create a playlist of songs with the word baby in them, press play and the first to guess the name and artist correctly wins! (it’s best for guests to post guesses on the video call chat section).

Story time - get your group to share embarrassing childhood memories or recent parenting confessions (But remember to avoid horror birth stories!). 

6. Gifts

Guests can send their gifts to mum-to-be ahead of time, so she can open them during the baby shower. If some guests can’t send their gifts on time, this is the beauty of a virtual invitation. Photos of belated presents can be shared on the Facebook invite for everyone to see, or even pictures of the baby in the gifts after they have arrived!

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That’s all the tips and tricks you should need, use our checklist to keep you on track and have a happy baby shower!