Is rental clothing hygienic and safe?

As we all look for more sustainable alternatives to buying new baby clothes, an option that may come up is renting. But were you left wondering how hygienic it is to rent baby clothes? 

Just like the second hand baby clothes you may buy from eBay or that get passed down from a friend, your rented clothes may have been worn by other babies before.

But unlike these other options, Bundlee clothes are professionally cleaned and have to pass meticulous quality control between rentals. 

How does Bundlee clean the rented clothes?

It’s so important to us that clothes arrive to you in the best condition. We are partnered with a professional laundry service who meticulously clean the clothes. At their state-of-the-art facilities they wash the clothes at 30 degrees with bio detergents that contain enzymes that are effective at cleaning stains. 

All clothes are then checked to ensure they pass our strict quality control and will look, feel (and smell!) great when they arrive with you. Our rental logistics system means germs and bacteria cannot be spread between rentals.

Is renting baby clothes safe?

Yes! All of our clothes comply with EU laws. Our clothes are made from supersoft Oeko-Tex certified cotton, which means they are free from any harmful chemicals. We also only use nickel free poppers and baby-safe water-based inks, so you can be confident that the clothes are as safe as they are soft.

When does Bundlee retire a piece of baby clothing?

Life with a baby isn't pristine! Which means sometimes clothes come back to us with stains or minor damage. This isn’t anything for you to worry about, as your bundlee comes with rental insurance included.

If clothes do not pass our high standards for renting, we still aim to treat them in the most sustainable way. First we seek to rehome the clothes by donating them to organisations. If the clothes are not reusable, we recycle them as textile waste.

You can learn more about our sustainable mission here.

We love working with smaller organisations to rehome clothes. If you’re an organisation who would like to receive Bundlee donations, please contact us.

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