Working from home with a baby

For parents who have been thrown into working from home, balancing work with child care can feel daunting. Especially in this unpredictable time of social distancing, with no option of external child care, it can be overwhelming.

We’ve curated some of the best tips to help you get to grips with working from home with a baby. We hope they can help and give you some productive ways to make this lockdown period run more smoothly.

1. Adjust your schedule

If you don’t have to stick around specific working hours - use this to your advantage to work around the schedule you have set for your little one (or the one they have set for you). If you’re lucky enough to have a baby who is in a good schedule, take advantage of that and plan for those periods of time you can count on to get work done. If not, you will still be able to get the most work done when your baby is sleeping or less active so roll with it and remember to try and stay flexible. 

2. Make notes

As you learn to work around your baby’s schedule, it is important to stop quickly and start back up again where you left off even faster. Don’t rely on your memory, keep a post-it note close by to jot down your thoughts so you can comfortably leave your work while you switch your attention to your baby. This way you can separate the two and enjoy spending time with your baby when they need you. 

3. Prepare your tasks 

The only consistency with working with a baby in the house is inconsistency. Days can get away from you, and fast. Try to categorise your tasks into little things you can do while the baby is awake where there will be distraction, and work which needs to be done when they are asleep. This way your time can be prioritised accordingly. 

4. Work with your baby

Don’t underestimate the power of a good sling or carrier. Try to use it to allow you to be working, and still keep your baby ‘in your arms'. Wear them around the house and try working while standing up, swaying back and forth while you type. You can then continue working while the baby is (hopefully) soundly snuggling you.

Alternatively, get a hands free device for your phone. This makes it easier to make and take calls when walking around the house and holding your baby. Make sure you know where the mute button is for when you’re on a group call.

5. Give yourself a break

Make sure your working day has a cut-off time, and try to stick to it. It's important to have some rest and relaxation for yourself, working from home while caring for a baby can be incredibly stressful and draining. Use some of this time to socialise with friends, although this is harder at the moment, a quick video call is easy and your energy and mood will thank you for it.

6. Master your mindset

The hard truth is that sometimes (most of the time!), despite best efforts, working from home with a baby can be hard. Don't get down on yourself for not engaging with your baby every single second. Amidst the craziness you need to figure out how to stay positive, embrace the chaos, and take things as they come.

Try to remember everyone is going through this strange situation together. Your baby is top priority through this and clients, vendors, and coworkers etc. will understand and support that.

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