Trial renting with our starter Bundlee

Rent 5 pieces of your choice from premium brands, such as Patagonia, MORI, Liewood & Stella McCartney. Your starter Bundlee is quick and easy to set up, and there are zero commitments.

No commitments

Cancel at any time

No commitments

Cancel at any time

No commitments

Cancel at any time

No commitments

Cancel at any time

No commitments

Cancel at any time

How our starter Bundlee works

To try out renting, simply hand-pick 5 premium pieces from our range of sustainable brands. If you love Bundlee, after 30 days, you can continue renting for only £13 per month. Just keep the clothes until it’s time to swap for the next size up! There are no commitments, so if renting isn’t for you, simply send them back for free.

What other families think

Great experience
The designs were amazing and it fits my son really well. Bundlee customer service is fantastic and highly responsive. The entire user experience from signing up to renewing sizes for my son has been tremendous. Highly recommended.


We Love Bundlee!
We love bundlee, perfect way of saving money but also keeping my son well dressed! Such a great idea, service and delivery times are excellent.
I recommend them all the time to friends and family.


Great quality clothes
Great quality clothes, much better than shop-bought ones, very cute and all matching. I love being able to swap for a bigger size without having to worry about wasting the old clothes. I would highly recommend giving Bundlee a try.


Highly Recommended
I love Bundlee clothes and my daughter is regularly complimented on her wardrobe.
I'll definitely return for baby number 2.


Really great customer experience
Really great customer experience. Loved the quality of clothes and the choice and overall concept. Will continue to use. Thanks Bundlee


Fantastic product & great concept
Bundlee is a fantastic concept and service. I love the clothes we selected from them and would encourage any parents that have children under two to use it! Efficient service, quality and very easy! Thanks team, keep up the great work


Great design for the planet
Loving how Bundlee is letting us enjoy clothes knowing they have been used and will be again, being kinder to the environment. Lots of thoughtful details, down to the security tag which is made out of biodegradable plastic. Would massively recommend!


The best quality at a fraction of the price

Treat your little one to the best quality sustainable brands, without the usual price tag!

Made a mess? Don't worry, stains are no problem for our professional cleaners.

Ready for the next size? We have made swapping your bundlee really simple.

Available to rent from 0 - 3 years. Pre-order up to 1 month in advance

What clothes can I rent?

Rent 5 pieces in your starter Bundlee. Choose from outerwear, swimwear, shoes, rompers and much more.


UK 8 Bre Peppermint Sandals

Buy £30

Rent £2.60

Stella McCartney

Peach Stella Logo Top

Buy £43

Rent £2.60

Stella McCartney

Blue Guitar Shortie Romper

Buy £58

Rent £2.60

Stella McCartney

Parrot Swimsuit

Buy £62

Rent £2.60


Dino Print Dungarees

Buy £33.50

Rent £2.60

Stella McCartney

Pink Animals Sleepsuit

Buy £53

Rent £2.60


UK4 Zinc Primus Booties

Buy £65

Rent £2.60

Mini Rodini

Strawberry Ribbed Leggings

Buy £28

Rent £2.60

Why Rent?

There are many reasons why families choose to rent their babies clothes.

Protect our planet

Help to look after our planet for future generations

Save Money

Rent high quality brands for a fraction of the price of buying new.

Reduce Clutter

Reduce clutter in your home when you swap your outgrown clothes.

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Why Bundlee is parent-approved

“The clothes are great quality, cleaner than clean when they arrive, and also really cute. We are so happy to have heard about Bundlee and given it a try when our baby was 3 months old.”


'I cannot say enough how impressed I am with Bundlee. I was drawn by the idea of saving money on clothes whilst not accumulating a load of barely worn baby clothes. We’re looking forward to using Bundlee for the foreseeable future'


'The best thing ever! I love Bundlee, we have been using Bundlee since my son was born and he's now 12 months. As he got older I was worried he started destroying the clothes with food and crawling but it doesn't seem to be a problem and each time we send them back and get a new size of fresh clean and soft clothes.'


Real Customer Savings





“What makes Bundlee so special is that these clothes are stylish, wash well, ethically produced AND help save the planet!”


210 pieces rented

subscribed to Bundlee for 36 months for her two sons