The Story So Far...

Did you know that in their first two years your baby will grow their fastest - outgrowing 7 clothing sizes?
It’s crazy how fast they grow! 

As babies often outgrow clothes after just a handful of wears, it doesn’t make much sense to buy them. On average, UK parents are spending £560 a year (!!!) on baby clothes. Buying just one new babygrow wastes 3,000 litres of water and emits 7kg of carbon dioxide.

When baby clothes are not reused it leads to
so much waste... both for the planet and your purse.
Bundlee was started to give you an easy way to reduce clothing waste, through renting the coolest baby clothes around.

We're disrupting the status-quo, starting a rental revolution and giving you a better alternative.

I’m calling all pioneering parents to join us! I truly believe that together families can create a sustainable future… let’s start with renting baby clothes.

Take a look around, I’d love to hear your thoughts…. 

Eve Kekeh

Founder of Bundlee


Join the rental revolution