Your Baby's

Capsule Wardrobe

Soft Cotton

Made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton, so free from any harmful chemicals and soft on skin.

Ethically Made

Our collection of clothes are produced at an ethical factory in Britain.

Safely Sanitised

All clothes are washed and sanitised between rentals, to kill bacteria and viruses. This means that clothes are cleaner than any you could buy at the shops.


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"We discovered Bundlee when we were expecting Florence. We got our first delivery shortly before our own delivery - and she's been in the clothes ever since!"


Can I change the delivery date after joining?

Yes, if you need the clothes sooner or later than the date you originally picked just email us. We'll be happy to update your order. 


When will monthly payments begin?

Your first payment will be taken when you subscribe - this covers your first month. Your monthly payments will then commence after you've had your bundlee clothes for a month. For example, if you preorder for delivery on 18th August, your first payment will be taken on the day you join and your second payment won't be taken until 18th September.


How are the clothes cleaned?

Our promise to you is that your clothes will arrive looking, smelling and feeling as clean as can be. Renting parents agree - they have rated our clothes 5/5 for cleanliness.

All clothes are washed and sanitised between rentals at our professional cleaning facility. The Ozone cleaning method we use for sanitisation kills bacteria and viruses.  


We want to use reusable nappies

Lots of our renting families use cloth nappies too.

If you are planning to, send us an email after you subscribe, so we can curate your bundlee to fit comfortably over cloth. 


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