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What is Bundlee?
How do rentals work?
What are the benefits of renting baby clothes?
How much is it?


What's included in a bundlee?
Where do the clothes come from?
Are the clothes kind to a baby's sensitive skin?

Care & Hygiene

How are the clothes cleaned between rentals?
Is renting clothes hygienic?
How do I take care of the clothes?
What happens if clothes are stained or damaged?
What happens if clothes are lost?


How soon will my first bundlee arrive?
Will I be notified when my bundlee is on its way?
How is my bundlee delivered?
What happens if I am not in?
How do I get the next size up?
How can I update my delivery address?


How long do I keep the bundlee for?
How do I return an outgrown bundlee?
After I return a bundlee, how long will it take for the next to arrive?
My baby is growing slowly, can I keep the bundlee for longer?
My baby is growing fast, can I get the next bundlee sooner?

Billing, Cancellations & Refunds

How will I be billed?
How do I cancel my subscription?
Can I get a refund?


My baby has an allergy. Can I still rent?
What happens to clothes that cannot be reused?

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