Trying Our First Bundlee: What we got and how we styled it

In her last blog Amelia Cunningham from Mum With Me shared her clothes problem, which resonated with many of you. We gifted Amelia a bundlee to see if it could be solved through renting. After trying Bundlee out for a month, Amelia shares her thoughts here...

Last month we received our first ever bundlee. I have been wanting to find a solution to ‘the clothes problem’. In short, having to go through a mountain of clothes every 2-3 months, not knowing what to do with all of my son’s outgrown clothes, has been a problem of mine since becoming a mum but now I’ve tried something new and I think I may have found a solution…

We got our hands on our very first bundlee...

and I have to admit that there was something really special about the delivery process of having a bundle of clothes arrive at our door and the surprise element of not knowing exactly what was inside our bundlee added to the excitement even more.

I was not disappointed. Inside our bundlee were 15 items, and I could immediately not only see but also could feel the amazing quality of each one as I sorted through. There were leggings, joggers, sleepsuits, t-shirts… it really was an assortment of essential items for my son’s wardrobe. From the subtle colours to the quality of each piece, our first bundlee had delivered exactly what we needed, and exactly what I feel is missing from our supermarkets and high street shops: quality essential items in subtle simple designs and colours.

By using Bundlee not only will I reduce the amount I have to throw out, but I’ll also feel better about what actually happens to the clothes because when I return the clothes after 3 months, they do the work for me - but sustainably!

Let me give you a peek at some of the Bundlee outfits we tried out…


The great thing about having a bundle with subtle colours and simple prints is that it makes it fun and so easy to start mixing and matching with the clothes already in their wardrobe.

For days playing inside, I usually opt for a basic t-shirt and some joggers for extra comfort. This black and white striped t-shirt in our bundlee not only looks super cute but fits so well.

I also found it very easy to mix and match the leggings in our bundlee. These are a grey pair in a cute star print design and I love how they cuff at the ankles for a snug and comfortable fit.

I found it very easy to style these leggings with his grey denim shirt, but again because of the simple star pattern and subtle grey colour, it wouldn’t be hard for you to find a top or a jumper already in their wardrobe or in your bundlee to complete this look.


Whether your baby is just learning to roll onto his tummy, or if he is now confidently running around, comfort is everything. Comfort has always been one of the first things I look out for when choosing clothes for Arlo, ‘is he going to be comfortable?’ ‘how restricting are these going to be for him’, and this particular Bundlee outfit right here ticks the comfort box straight away.

For our morning in the park I chose the navy leggings and paired it with the matching navy long sleeve both found in our bundlee. The top is a basic long sleeve, an essential for your baby’s wardrobe, which features easy to fasten poppers. This type of basic is perfect for layering and styling with leggings or joggers like the ones in our bundlee, or even jeans that you have already at home. I opted for a navy hoodie to put on over the top and he was good to go. A stylish and simple outfit all about the comfort perfect for running around and playing.


Earlier this month I did an Instagram unboxing story where I showed exactly what we got in our first bundlee.

From the unboxing story I got lots of messages and great reactions on the clothes and I want to share two stand out-pieces that I not only loved but lots of mums on Instagram did too!

This is Bundlee’s sweater which I styled with their black joggers. This look is so on trend and bang on the season. The colours couldn’t give more of a wintery vibe if they tried- I just loved this outfit on him!

This matching set also got a lot of reaction. I love the pinstripes running through and the colour is super stylish and not a colour I’ve seen very much of for boys clothing in the shops. The long sleeve and leggings look great worn together which makes it really easy to choose any coat to wear over the top if you’re going out.

The Verdict

I was so impressed with our first bundlee. I think it’s such a brilliant concept that has been missing as an option for parents and parents to-be up until now. What makes it even better is that when you actually receive the bundlee, you are greeted with essentials that you really need for your baby’s wardrobe, in great designs and colours, all in amazing quality.

I love the idea of returning the clothes and receiving your next bundlee- it’s a really exciting delivery process and I’m already looking forward to seeing what we will get next!