With 300,000 pieces of clothing heading to landfill every week in the UK, and babies getting through as many as 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, the effects on the climate are enormous. 

Clothes are not being reused. This needs to change.

At Bundlee, we believe the best solution to all of this waste is renting. Sharing and reusing clothing between families lowers the amount of clothing parents have to buy, reducing overproduction of clothing. 

As a conscious community, together we have saved...

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The lifecycle of a Bundlee bodysuit

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Production / Renting / Cleaning / Recycling


Conventionally, it takes a whopping 260 litres of water to make just 1 babygrow! And 21kg of carbon is emitted in the production.

In this linear model of consumption, sadly clothes are often designed and made to be used only once! 

Production... the Bundlee way

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