Boys Monthly Subscription

Boys Monthly Subscription

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What's inside your bundlee?

Discover the perfect assortment of 15 quality cotton bodysuits, sleepsuits, onesies, tops, cardigans, jumpers, joggers and leggings for your growing baby boy. Each bundlee is curated for your baby’s size and the changing seasons.

As the sun finally makes an appearance, here's what to expect in your summer bundlee.

How does the monthly subscription work?

Bundlee is a rental subscription service. You can keep your rented bundlee for as long as you need that size. Easily return your outgrown bundlee to get the next size up whenever you like.

£19 monthly. FREE delivery, returns and insurance.

Bundlee babies playing, exploring and chilling in their spring bundlees...

“I was so impressed with our first bundlee!
It’s such a brilliant concept that has been missing
as an option for parents until now.”
- Amelia

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What’s inside my bundlee?
Where do the clothes come from?
What happens if the clothes get stained?
How are the clothes cleaned?
When do I need to return my bundlee?
After I return a bundlee, how long will it take for the next to arrive?
How much is it?
Will I be tied into a subscription?

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