8 of the best ethical baby clothes brands


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As a parent today, there are now so many ethical baby clothes brands to choose from. This is great for our little one's futures and the planet, but it can seem overwhelming - especially on top of having a newborn around! So whether your little one needs hardy, robust pieces to go on outdoor adventures, or soft and comfy machine washable rompers, read on to discover our favourite ethical baby clothing brands. Plus, we'll let you know how you can save hundreds of pounds when you rent baby clothes made by them.


Our favourite ethical baby clothing brands


Patagonia Kids

 Patagonia Kids - rent baby clothes


Patagonia baby clothing is without a doubt one of the best ethical baby clothing brands out there. If you have a little one who loves to get outdoors, these adventure hardy pieces are great for the little explorers out there. For Patagonia, it's not just about using recycled materials or encouraging re-use of clothing. They also actively fund Grassroot campaigns, and have pledged their '1% for the Planet' since 1985, promising to donate 1% of their sales to preservation and restoration of the environment. With the threat of severe climate change, they care about the planet and your baby's future. 


The Bonnie Mob

 The Bonnie Mob - rent baby clothes


Happy clothes for a happy little one! Always colourful and bright, The Bonnie Mob put the smiles on sustainability. The Bonnie Mob's own motto is 'Buy well, buy once, pass it on' with the aim to encourage parents to have their little one's clothing 'loved in, played in, and passed around'. And with their most recent venture - 'ZERO D' - this brand has found a new way to produce a more eco-friendly technique of printing on denim; one of the most harmful production processes in our fashion industry today. Happy clothes with smart creators, what do you think?


Stella McCartney Kids


Ethical baby clothes are cool, and Stella McCartney Kids prove it. Vibrant, stylish and sustainably conscious, this one has to be on our go-to list for any of your little one's occasion wear. Collaborating with Greenpeace in 2021 to support their deforestation commitment, exploring new ways to produce materials which don't threaten the planet, and using their own research to find new ways to grow - Stella clothes are spot on for ecoconcious parents, who want to help their little one grow into a sustainable future.



 Baby Mori - rent baby clothes


Well loved by parents for a reason, MORI are known for sustainable baby clothing which is super soft on skin and on sleep. That makes them particularly high on our newborn baby clothes essentials list, perfect for the sleepy arrival. MORI's Kindness Project also encourages customers to send their pre-worn or unused baby clothes back to them, so that their clothing can be passed on to those in need. So more little bundles can drift off and dream in peace... *Yawn*


Mini Rodini

 Mini Rodini baby clothes - rent baby clothes


This Scandinavian brand likes things quirky, and is sure to get heads turning. It's a head turner in the sustainable baby clothing sector too, as there's not a lot Mini Rodini don't cover. From their wool to their polyester, every material is accounted for, either being recycled or sourced ethically - even using yarn made from ocean waste. If there's anything you can be certain about from Mini Rodini baby clothing, its their style and their sustainability. 


Vivobarefoot Kids


What's an ethical baby outfit without the ethical baby shoes? Vivobarefoot tick all the boxes for taking those first steps - both for toddlers, and for parents venturing into making more sustainable choices. The 200,000+ neuro-transmitters in your child’s feet need access to feeling, to get the brain sparking. Vivobarefoot shoes allow this feeling all whilst protecting. They even protect shoes from ending up in landfill prematurely, by offering their 'Revivo' service to repair well-loved Vivo shoes. So your little one can run, skip and jump into nature to their hearts content.



Soft Gallery 

 Soft Gallery - rent baby clothes


Danish kids-wear brand Soft Gallery collaborates with artists to reflect the seasons through prints and embroidery. They wish to ‘bring art to the eye level of kids,’ and their pieces are ‘honest, timeless and personal,’ which we think fits the true meaning of preloved baby clothes perfectly, and why they fit in so well with our Personalised Plan collection. 


House of Margaux


This wonderful small brand is at the forefront of ‘do it all’ when it comes to both the design of their busy clothing, and finding ways to be as sustainable as possible. House of Margaux partnered with One Tribe Global so that each sale or sign up to their newsletter will protect 25 trees, and each scrap of clothing is used to create extras like scratch mittens or scrunchies. Oh, and don’t doubt that you will fall in love from the very first piece you try… You’ve been warned.



Rent ethical baby clothes

 Bundlee delivery - rent baby clothes


Baby clothes are expensive, and unfortunately, can be particularly pricey when they're ethical like the ones we recommend. So what's the solution?


Bundlee lets you be fashionable at a fraction of the price. You can rent from all of these ethical brands on Bundlee's Personalised Plan, for just £2.60 per piece per month. On average, parents who rent baby clothes with Bundlee save over £1000 in their first year.


And the best part? You won't have to go through the hassle of re-selling or finding someone to pass your planet friendly pieces onto anymore - Bundlee conveniently takes your little one's outgrown rented clothes, professionally cleans them, and then shares them with the next renting family. Easy peasy!


Find out more about why parents rent baby clothes here, or get started today and pick your plan here.

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