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What is Bundlee?

Bundlee is the UK's first baby clothing rental subscription.

Think of Bundlee like a revolving wardrobe for your baby. Rent bundlees of clothes, then simply return outgrown clothes to get the next size up.

How do rentals work?

What are the benefits of renting baby clothes?

How much is it?

How long do I keep each bundlee for?

Will I be notified when my bundlee is on its way?

My baby is growing slowly, can I keep the bundlee for longer?

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Our Bundlee model was created for parents like you.

Meet Eve

Founder of Bundlee

“Babies outgrow 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, it really is the ultimate fast-fashion! Get sustainable styles at a surprisingly affordable price and swap as they grow.”

"Families looking for sustainable, affordable children’s clothing are saving time and money by hiring bundles."