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Every baby is unique when it comes to their size, so how to know what clothes size to get for your baby can be difficult. Just like adult clothes, sizes can vary greatly between brands too, which can make it even harder.


That's why we've put together a handy guide for you, informed by our Bundlee Families. So you can make better decisions for your little one when putting together the perfect bundlee.


Size guide


To give you a better idea of the exact sizings to expect from our brands, you can start by downloading our brand size guide to help you make your choices more easily. Click here to download.


What parents said


Our Bundlee Families love renting pieces from the Personalised Plan, so we asked them to share feedback on the fit of the different brands available so you can pick the best pieces for your little one.


Brands described as 'True to size'


Bundlee Originals






Soft Gallery


Stella McCartney


The Bonnie Mob (for ages 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9)


Mini Rodini (for ages 12-18 and 18-24)


Brands described as 'smaller'


Mini Rodini




A lot of our parents said that Mini Rodini clothes from 0-12 months are great for babies on the smaller side. So if your little one's under 12 months and on the smaller side, Mini Rodini could be a great fit for them.


For our families with older babies in size 12-18 or 18-24, most of our families said that Mini Rodini was true to size. So what are you waiting for?! Pop a Mini Rodini fit into your next bundlee...


Key info:


  • True to size for: 12-18 and 18-24
  • On the smaller side for: 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12


Important to note: Mini Rodini use European and US sizes that are sometimes different to UK sizes, so don't worry if you receive a garment that's labelled slightly differently to the size you ordered, it should still be a good fit for your little one!


The Bonnie Mob 




Most of our parents said that The Bonnie Mob is shorter in length compared to other brands in their bundlee. So if your little one is shorter and chunkier, this brand may be best suited to your baby! Those with longer and leaner babies felt that the pieces weren't quite as great a fit for their little one, so read on to see which brands we recommend for you if this sounds like your baby.


Key info:


  • True to size for: 0-3, 3-6, 6-9
  • On the smaller side for: 9-12, 12-18, 18-24 


Brands described as 'larger'


Bundlee Originals




Our parents said that our Bundlee Originals all run mostly true to size, and that our sleepsuits are perfect for bigger babies. So if you've got a larger baby, our Bundlee Originals sleepsuits are a great choice as they include fold over footsies and extra room around the body, and have been designed to comfortably fit over chunkier cloth nappies.


Key info:


  • Mostly true to size, but some are larger such as Bundlee Originals sleepsuits


    House of Margaux


    Our lovely House of Margaux pieces were also found to be slightly larger for our Bundlee Families. So if your baby is longer, pop a cute print outfit from this collection in your next bundlee, and you'll see what the hype is all about with these vibrant pieces! 


    Tips for making your bundlee


    It can be tricky for some parents, even when given lots of information, to get it exactly right when choosing your 15 pieces for your bundlee. Little one's grow so fast, but that's why we are here to help you keep up. So, here are our own tips to keep in mind next time you make a swap:


    Cloth nappies


    If you use cloth nappies, opt for more brands which run larger in size. This gives you less chance of the pieces your little one wears being too small or tight due to the bulkier cloth nappies.


    Taller/longer babies


    We suggest that for those of you with longer babies who wish to select all in one pieces, that you aim to choose those with features such as fold over footsies. This means instead of a piece with built in feet being slightly too tight, you can have control by being able to turn back the foot features, keeping your little one nice and comfy in their stylish fits.


    Choose different sizes from different brands if you need to


    Did you know you don't have to choose all the same sizing in your swap orders? We generally recommend avoiding too much variation in your bundlee. But this guide can be used to help you decide if to select a size up for several of your pieces if you strongly suspect - or have had experience - of a brand or style of piece being too small or large for your little one.


    Extra reasons for smaller garments


    Occasionally, some pieces which have been in the rental circulation for longer may become slightly shrunken over time and be less true to size than a newer piece.


    Another reason these pieces may shrink slightly, is due to some parents needing to use a tumble dryer, which unfortunately does impact the rate of shrinkage. We are working on ensuring any pieces which have shrunken beyond reasonable use do get removed from the stock which is circulating in our bundlees.


    Ways you can help


    You can read our blog here on how to look after your bundlee clothes to keep them in the rental cycle for longer. 


    The key thing you can aim to do, is to try and avoid tumble drying as much as possible. This will mean the clothing will have a longer life and allow other parents to enjoy the pieces too!


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