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We've been renting baby clothes to families for a long time now, but we're so often asked about what happens when the clothes get messy. Family life isn't always clean and tidy - with spills, accidents and stains landing on their clothes every day. However, we've always got a plan.


No matter how dirty each rented item gets, you're always able to return your bundlee. Every item is sent straight to our eco cleaning facility, who rarely find a stain they can't remove! In this article, we'll take you through the whole process, so you can find out how we give you your cleanliness guarantee.


How clean are rented baby clothes?


The first thought about baby clothes rental for many parents can often be 'but aren't the clothes dirty?' 


This makes sense, as any preloved clothes are unfortunately - more often than not - associated with lower hygiene due to societal stigmas. Pop 'baby' in between the words 'preloved' and 'clothes', and this stigma naturally multiplies. 


But how clean are rented baby clothes really? Here at Bundlee, our pride is in knowing that when our families rent baby clothes with us, they actually arrive cleaner than any shop bought pieces. Which is why our Bundlee Families rate us 5/5 stars for cleanliness.


That's because, unlike shop bought baby clothes - which are touched and exposed to all germs in a store - our eco-cleaning facility uses innovative sanitisation technology to professionally clean our clothing, remove stains, kill germs and fully disinfect them.


So how exactly do we make sure our clothing arrives as clean as can be?


Bundlee clothes delivery at door with baby - rent baby clothes


3 steps we take to maximise hygiene


Step 1: Pre-treating stains


When your bundlee arrives back at our eco-cleaning facility, our experts pre-treat the clothing for any stains. They're able to remove even the toughest of stains that can't be removed with regular at home washing.


Any pieces which are stained beyond further use are recycled to ensure the clothes you receive are always spotless.


Step 2: Washing


Our sustainable baby clothes are popped into professional washing machines which adjusts temperature throughout the cycle, to help save energy, the environment, and stay gentle on your little one's clothes.


Step 3: Ozone Sanitisation


The clothes are then Ozone Sanitised. This innovative eco-sanitising method uses oxygen to fully disinfect clothes to European standards, making them as clean as can be!


Watch our eco-cleaning facility in action here! (Its more exciting than it sounds, we promise)


Renting sustainable baby clothes with insurance 


Does the thought of renting and returning baby stained baby clothes scare you a little? There's no need to worry! With Bundlee, your included rental insurance covers you for all of life's messy moments, and there are zero hidden fees or charges. 


Bundlee baby in stained rented baby clothes - rent baby clothes


What do our parents think?


You've now seen how we clean your rented baby clothes. But do our parents agree that their bundlees are clean as can be? Here's what they say...


Bundlee trust pilot - rent baby clothes


Want to know more about how we work? Head over to our FAQs page here, or to understand more about the benefits of renting baby clothes head here to find out more reasons why parents love Bundlee.



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