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How many baby clothes do I need?


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Have you got a little bundle or a newborn, and have no clue where to begin when it comes to that tiny wardrobe?


You’ve likely got clothing gifts piling up - but not many essentials - and you’re concerned about waste as your tiny human will grow faster than you can say ‘it doesn’t fit!’ when zipping up their babygrow. Sound familiar? 


That’s why we’ve made an entire guide, with three simple sections that will aid your knowledge of what baby clothes you need for a newborn or baby on the way, and creating the perfect wardrobe.


This guide includes:


1. Checklist - What baby clothes should I have/do I need for my newborn or little one? 


2. 6 Top Tips when choosing baby clothes


3. How can renting with Bundlee help you?


1. Checklist - What baby clothes should I have/do I need for my newborn or little one?


The vast amount of clothing available for a little one can seem daunting, especially factoring in laundry days too. Our Rule of 1-8 Essentials Guide suggests the number of clothes per style that your baby will need based on washing around twice a week.  




1. Coat

For Autumn and Winter days, it's important to be ready to wrap up warm for cold weather


2. Hats and sets of mittens

A hat to keep a newborn warm during its first days in the world is essential, as are mittens to keep them from harming their delicate skin. Add sun hat’s to your order during toasty summer months.


3. Tops, cardigans/jumpers, rompers 

Cardigans and jumpers are useful when adding layers during seasonal changes and chillier days - or simply to add some style! Tops are essential, long-sleeved and short, and rompers are a quick and easy pick, especially for winter months.


4. Sleepsuits, leggings/joggers 

Sleepsuits are perfect for newborns, and can be swapped later for PJ’s. Joggers or leggings are a great add on over bodysuits during colder days.


5-6. Pairs of socks

Tiny toes need tiny socks! You may also wish to add booties for double the warmth in winter.


7-8. Bodysuits

The ultimate of staple items, which can be used in layered looks for both warm and cold seasons - and plenty of designs!


2. 6 Top Tips when choosing baby clothes


The guide above might help you with choosing essentials, how many you will need, and suggestions on how to style. But, we all know baby clothes aren’t straightforward, especially in the first year of growth.


So here are some useful tips to help solve the main issues most parents will face when considering what baby clothes to choose.

1. Sizing


Blink and you’ll miss it! Babies will outgrow 7 sizes in their first 2 years. So it’s essential you make sure the first clothes you have ready are slightly bigger to allow room to grow. 

But are you wondering ‘What do I do if my baby is outgrowing its clothes too quickly?’


Bundlee can help you! Scroll for how we keep pace with your babies growth in a much easier, ethical and money-saving way.


2. Washing  


When deciding how many clothes you need for your baby you must consider how often you will wash the clothes. Our checklist [LINK: To above checklist] outlines the average number based on two washes a week. But you can always add extras if you have a messy little one! 

Have a look at how Bundlee can take away those stresses and the benefits of preloved baby clothes, to help keep on top of life's messes.


3. Easy-to-use baby clothes


No one wants to be fumbling around in the middle of the night trying to put every button in the correct hole. So try to opt for simple options with poppers or zips for ways to save time when dressing your baby. Our Zip-Up sleepsuit collection is perfect to help you get started!


4. Cost


We know, it's hard to not pile every tiny piece into your cart in excitement during those months before the arrival. However, you have to remember that although cute, it might only get a few wears. Not only does this cost you, it also means huge waste.


'183 million pieces of outgrown baby clothes are stored in UK homes: enough for 250 pieces for each baby born last year!' (Hubbub, 2016 + Gov, 2021)


That’s why you might want to consider the best sustainable baby clothes options, and make sure you are doing your bit by finding out  how to make ethical choices when you have a baby. Section 3 outlines reasons why you should rent baby clothes to help you do this.


5. Organisation


It’s always important to plan ahead and have those essentials ready to rumble the moment you bring your teeny one through your front door.

It’s also important to think about the space you have, and not be buried beneath baby clothes each time you open the drawers. No fear! Consider Bundlee to help you get organised 
and stay on top of those clothes.


6. Seasonal


Changing seasons and when your baby arrives means that the clothing you need for a winter baby or summer baby, differs entirely. 


So, it's a good idea to have the most suitable seasonal essentials ready for the month your baby arrives, as you don’t want to choose items for next season - they won’t fit by the time they’re ready to wear!

Read on to discover reasons renting baby clothes is more beneficial  when it comes to adjusting to the seasons more easily.


3. How can renting with Bundlee help you?



You might have been considering renting but feel a little unsure, or perhaps it's new to you today. Either way, renting baby clothes aids you when making those first choices around what you need and how many.


Here are 5 ways Bundlee benefits you when taking those first steps:


1. An easier way of picking the essentials


A rented Bundlee includes a selection of 15 high quality, organic and sustainable baby clothing essentials, which are tailored to your baby’s size and the seasons. 


If you’d like a helping hand, let our experts curate a set for your little one for just £24/month on the Capsule Plan.


Or if you want to pick your favourites, try our £39/month Personal Plan for preloved designer and premium baby clothes.


Worried you won’t get to keep any first-born favourites? You can still top up their wardrobe with precious pieces to keep - Bundlee will simply help you  to build out their core wardrobe in a more sustainable way.


2. Keeps pace with your baby's growth


One of the biggest issues of estimating how many baby clothes you need, is that they will still outgrow them quickly and you will likely need to size them up very soon.


The magic of Bundlee, is sending back your outgrown pieces to swap for the next size up, all for free.


3. Saves you pennies


Baby clothes can be expensive. With Bundlee you can dress your little one in the best, for a fraction of the price.


Bundlee saves the average subscriber over £1,000 a year! A budget friendly monthly price, free delivery and returns, access to sustainable designer baby clothing for a fraction of the price and your included Rental Insurance all making saving super easy.


4. Keeps you organised


Pre-birth: Order essentials 6 months ahead with our Capsule Plan  and up to 1 month with our Personalised Subscription


Arrival: When your little bundle arrives, you can make sure you have space for all those essentials - knowing where each piece is without having to find it, and no overflowing drawers! Simple.


Months to come: Having a capsule wardrobe allows you to keep on top of monthly spending too. So you know the ins and outs of money and clothes, tailored to you.




5. Adjusts to seasonal changes


If you need a few extras during season transitions, you can select from our Add Ons list to help you through. 

Think swimwear, summer essentials, winter woollies and light extra layers in Autumn.


With these handy tips, you're now ready to start building your little one's wardrobe!


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