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How to wash baby clothes


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Being a new parent is so exciting and can be a busy time. From decorating the nursery, to creating a wardrobe that you like and of course, making sure you know how to wash baby clothes so that they are clean, soft and safe to wear. 


So, you might be due soon or currently staring down that strange new mountain of tiny clothes waiting for a wash. But you’re likely wondering the same thing, how to wash newborn baby clothes.


First things first: You’re doing great! Prepping early or reading up on the best way to wash baby clothes is important for such a delicate little bundle.


Here are our simple tips for washing baby clothes. 


Step 1. Wash before use



Q: "Do you wash baby clothes before wearing them?"  

You never know what germs can find their way onto baby clothes on its journey from when it was made to when you put it on your baby. So it’s best to wash newly bought clothing or hand-me-downs to ensure they're clean and gentle on your baby's skin. 


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At Bundlee, we make things super simple for our customers - to save them extra time and from any worries about cleanliness. 


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That's why we have been rated 5/5 by parents for our cleanliness. 


If you have a preferred laundry detergent, feel free to use this on your Bundlee delivery should you wish!


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Step 2. Separate 


 Q: "Can you wash baby clothes with adults?"


It's important to separate baby clothes from adults, based on what detergent you should use for baby clothes. Step 5 explains this in more detail.


Q: "Do you need to wash colours and whites separately for baby clothes?"


Yes! Baby clothing can still have their colours run in the wash. Especially when new. So to be safe and not end up with 20 pairs of pink socks, separate colours as you usually would.


Q: "Should I separate soiled baby clothes from other washing?"


Before popping everything in the wash, make sure to place the heavily soiled baby clothing - such as those with poop, urine, or breastmilk stains - into another pile to remove stains a little before washing. See next step for more info!


Step 3. Stains 


Q: "How to clean stained baby clothes?"


Most parents' first thought when they want to know how to care for baby clothes is usually how to clean soiled baby clothes over anything else. You should always pre-treat stains before putting the clothing in the wash, to make it easier to remove.


    • Top Tip: How to clean baby poop out of clothes


Fill a large bowl/sink with cold water and quirt a little detergent on the stain. Gently rub the stain. Once the stain has been removed as much as possible, then let the washing machine work its magic!


    • Sustainable Tip: 

To ensure your baby clothing has a longer life, don't tumble dry clothing with stains! This will bake in the stain and make it extremely tough to remove again - wasting items - which is not great for the environment. See Step 7 for the best way to dry baby clothes.


Step 4. Turn inside out



Q: "How do I wash baby clothes with prints on?" or "How to wash colour baby clothes?"


Many of your baby’s clothes likely have bright colours, designs, and prints on. When you wash these items, it’s key to turn them inside out. This protects the print and keeps them bright and colourful for as long as possible after washing! This again lets them have a longer life and be worn over and over. Especially your favourites.


Step 5. Choose a baby detergent


Q: "What washing liquid should I use for baby clothes?"


When choosing what to wash baby clothes with, we recommend you use a washing detergent designed for baby clothes which will be gentle on a newborn’s skin. This is best if it’s non-bio - meaning it doesn’t contain harmful enzymes - and preferably liquid, as it will make clothes softer and cause less irritation on skin. You can also use a fabric conditioner, as this will further soften the material. Remember to read the packaging before using, as some conditioners damage fire resistance clothing and shouldn’t be used!


Q: "What is the best baby detergent to use for baby clothes?"



We recommend using Nimble to get started! A plant based and affordable baby detergent, especially if you’re seeking a detergent for sensitive skin.


Step 6. Temperature


Q: "What temperature should I wash baby clothes?"


Wash at 30 degrees - this is hot enough and safe enough to be eco-friendly, yet will clean baby clothes with mild everyday dirt!


If your baby is ill, we suggest turning the temperature up to a slightly higher level to make sure to kill any extra nasty germs - but keep high temperature washes less frequent, particularly when doing basic washes for lightly soiled or used clothing.


Go for 'gentle' when choosing what setting to wash baby clothes on. As this won’t damage the clothing and will make it last through more washing cycles.


Step 7. Drying 


Q: " What is the best way to dry baby clothes?"


Try to avoid tumble drying your baby’s clothes, especially if they are stained. 


Hang outside where possible - particularly during summer - as the sun aids stain removal from lighter pieces, and helps protect the environment too.


Extra tips for how to wash newborn clothes


Newborn skin is so delicate that it's good to try and keep everything that comes into contact with your baby - especially during those first few months - as soft and gentle as possible. 


That’s why opting for clothing which doesn't contain harmful chemicals is a great way to guarantee comfort on skin. 


Our Bundlee Originals are made from our chemical free Oeko-Tex cotton, which is better for your newborn's skin, and better for the environment too! See our Capsule  collection here.


Renting baby clothes is the way forward


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