How to wash your Bundlee clothes


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We always strive to make our Bundlee families happy. With high-quality, durable baby clothes which look good and feel good - for your baby, your wallet, and for your mind when making ethical and sustainable choices.


That's why we want to help you help Bundlee, by knowing how to care for baby clothes you receive so that they can be kept in the circular cycle, and sent onto as many families to enjoy as possible!


One key way you can help us - and help other Bundlee families - is through knowing how to wash baby clothes from Bundlee in a way which is gentle on the clothes and on the environment.


So, we are going to share the best way to wash baby clothes you rent from Bundlee...


Ready to wear, right from your Bundlee's arrival!


As you may know, our Bundlee deliveries arrive at your door as clean as can be. With our Ozone Sanitisation Chamber, oxidation kills bacteria and viruses to keep the nasties away. Plus, it creates zero waste, is eco-friendly, and the clothes will arrive cleaner than any shop bought items. This is definitely a key benefit with using our baby clothing rental service. If you’re new and need more reasons to rent, head here to see our benefits.


Bundlee’s sanitisation process has proven its success, as you’ve rated us 5/5 for our cleanliness, so we feel great knowing you're happy with the quality of our cleaning.


What does this all mean for you? Well, it means we save you time, worry and a little more washing liquid to use. You just simply pop the clothes on to your little bundle, and they’re ready to go and ‘WOW’ in their stylish new fits. 


Of course, if you feel you want to use your own detergents on your Bundlee, go for it! Every parent is different in their needs, and we want you to have peace of mind always.


Turn inside out



Many of our Bundlee Originals and branded clothing from our Personalised Plan are colourful, and feature prints that look great on all of our Bundlee babies.


Because we want to make sure these designs don’t get worn away easily, we recommend turning your baby's Bundlee items inside out before popping them in the wash. This will protect the prints from damage and keep the colours bright, giving the clothing a higher chance of being sent onto the next family when you’re ready to pass it on.


Of course, always separate colours too to prevent colours from running!


Wash at 30 degrees


Similar to the above reasons, it’s best to keep your baby’s laundry load on a low temperature when you wash it. This prevents damage to the items from high heat. 30 degrees is sufficient to kill any bad bacteria or viruses on your baby's clothes.


Not only is this better for the clothing, this is also a much better temperature for the eco-conscious in order to help protect the environment. Win, win!


Read on to find out what to do with tougher soiling or damage.





You can use any preferred detergent on your baby’s Bundlee clothes. Love a certain scent? Go for it! 


When choosing a washing detergent for baby clothes, try to keep it non-bio, so it doesn't contain any harmful enzymes that will irritate your baby's skin, and preferably liquid as this keeps the clothes softer for longer too. Which, you guessed it, helps its longevity.


If you are aiming to be a little more ethically aware, we recommend Nimble, who produce a plant-based 'Laundry Lover' detergent, 'Cuddle Lover' fabric softener and 'Nappy Lover' cloth nappy detergent. It's affordable, eco-friendly and gentle on a new-born's sensitive skin.


Damage and stains


We know that as a parent it's not always easy to prevent damage to your baby’s clothing. Which is why we don’t want you to worry if something is unable to be fixed!


With our included Rental Insurance you can have all the mess, with none of the stress. Simply send it back to us when you’re ready to swap to the next size up. 


But what to do if you have a stain? No worries! For stains, we suggest pre-treating, by rubbing in a little bit of neat detergent on it, before popping it in the wash to give it a higher chance of removal. 


  • Top Tip: Don't put clothing with stains in the tumble dryer. This will bake in the stain and make it incredibly tough to remove ever again. Which does sadly mean a shorter lifespan for our Bundlee clothes, as we promise to always send you clothing at its highest quality. How you handle our clothing helps us keep our promise!


Hang outside to dry


To dry your baby's Bundlee clothes, it's always better to opt for hanging it outdoors if possible - especially in the summer. This is the best way to dry baby clothes, as it's again better for the environment, but also a better way of helping stains be removed from lighter garments with a little help from the sun! 

We hope you find this little guide useful during your time as part of the Bundlee community. By caring for the clothes your baby wears, you’re helping us reach our goal of creating a better future for babies to grow into - and we want you to be proud you can do your bit too!


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