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Our Capsule Plan


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When designing our perfect Bundlee for Capsule subscribers, we wanted to ensure that each set - curated for various stages of growth - will be supportive of your baby’s development whilst providing the perfect capsule wardrobe.


Here are 5 reasons to choose our Capsule Plan


1. You have a newborn on the way and want to prepare early


2. You aren't sure what essentials you need for a newborn or how many clothes you need for a newborn


3. You want to save time and would prefer our experts handpick your little ones items from our high-quality selection of ethical baby clothes


4. You're new to renting and want to try it out! Our 30 day free trial may interest you - add Trial30 at checkout


5. You are starting out on your baby's sustainable clothing journey and want to keep it simple to begin


Want a little more freedom to choose your items? Head over to our Personalised Plan blog to learn about our branded pieces on offer.


Doing Good


Good for you, good for our workers, good for our planet


We won't be half-hearted when it comes to making sure Bundlee does good all round. That’s why we source our sustainable baby clothes from our SMETA audited Indian factory, with good working conditions for our workers.


To support the UK garment industry, we also produce our collection at a small factory based in the UK. Because we want to help where we can, and strive to do more - all whilst providing for all of your cute little bundles!


What's in your Bundlee from the Capsule Plan?


All of our collections provide for unisex, girls and boys from 0-24 months. You can expect minimalist prints, complimentary colours, and pops of fun from our ethical baby clothing. So your little one can look great with little effort.


Bundlee Originals were designed with rental at the forefront of everything. So you're guaranteed they're...


Sustainable                                         Ethical                                           Stylish


                         Comfortable                                          Long-lasting



A peek at our Bundlee Originals: 0-3 collection




 Girls 0-3 Bundlee Originals



 Boys 0-3 Bundlee Originals



 Unisex 0-3 Bundlee Originals



The Newbies in our Capsule Plan Collection


 Bundlee Original zip-up sleepsuits


Save the nonsense during night-time changes, and try out our new 2 way zip sleepsuit. So you and your little one can get back to dreaming and rest eazzzzy… *Zzzz*


Is Capsule the one for you? Head to our Capsule subscription page to get started!


Or if you think you're ready for the next step, with greater access to selecting your favourite designer baby clothing pieces, head over to our Personalised subscription blog post to learn more about the branded clothes we offer.

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