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Our Personalised Plan


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Every time we select brands for our Personalised Plan, we ensure that each and every designer piece fits our values of ethicality and sustainability, whilst offering you the most popular, best preloved designer baby clothes you can get. Fashionable doesn't always mean good though, which is why these pieces also have to be supportive of your baby right from the moment they arrive. So you don't have to worry - we will save you the time of finding items you'll love.


Here are 5 reasons to choose our Personalised Plan


1. You want to be more selective
2. You want to pick and choose which pieces you like now that you understand your baby and feel more on top of your routine
3. You want an easier way of knowing the brands your baby wears are sustainable, ethical, and have our seal of approval 
4. You want fashionable pieces, but wish to budget a little more at the same time
5. You've had our 30 day free trial or have been subscribed to our Capsule Plan and feel ready to branch out!


Want a little more guidance from our experts for your capsule wardrobe? Head over to our Capsule Plan blog post to learn about our Bundlee Original pieces on offer.


 Our Brands


Have a peek at our selection below, where we have matched little personalities to little clothes, and selected a few favourite pieces just for you…


The Bonnie Mob


Best for... The Giggly one

 Baby Brodie in The Bonnie Mob Bright Stars Long Sleeve Bodysuit


Happy clothes for a happy little one! Always colourful and bright, The Bonnie Mob put the smiles on sustainability, and the cheeky ones looking their very best. With the most animated prints and accessories on almost all of their pieces, you’re sure to get the giggles along with your baby as you dress them.




Best for... The Snoozer



The best organic sustainable baby clothes, soft on the skin and soft on sleep. Mori baby clothes are great for all ages for naps and night-time, but are high on our baby clothes essentials for new-borns list, perfect for the sleepy arrival. So your little bundle can drift off and dream in peace, whilst you do too. *Yawn*


Mini Rodini


Best for... The Quirky Fashionista



Mini Rodini baby clothes are sure to be a head turner when out and about. This Scandinavian brand loves to branch out on its designs to let the fun in you run wild, and the fashionable in you thrive. This selection of mindfully seasonal designs provides for those seeking the all important organic baby clothes - with GOTS certified organic cotton for the eco-conscious. 




Best for... The Outdoorsy, Adventurous & Future Conscious 

 Nisha and Kunal in Patagonia


Patagonia clothing is your ultimate when it comes to ethically sourced baby clothing. Without a doubt one of the best ethical baby clothing brands out there, every piece looks amazing, and will feel amazing for your heart too. For Patagonia, it’s not just about using recycled materials, encouraging reuse, and funding Grassroots campaigns. With the threat of severe climate change, they care about your baby and help save our planet.


Soft Gallery


Best for... The Artsy Minimalist

 Whitney in Soft Gallery


Embrace the minimalist in you and your bundle, for those who know they’re cool without even trying! This Danish kids-wear brand collaborates with artists to reflect the seasons through prints and embroidery. They wish to ‘bring art to the eye level of kids,’ and they are ‘honest, timeless and personal,’ which we think fits the true meaning of preloved baby clothes perfectly. Don’t you just love it?


House of Margaux 


Best for... The Eclectic & Vibrant one



This wonderful brand is at the forefront of ‘do it all’ when it comes to both the design of their busy clothing, and finding ways to be as sustainable as possible. House of Margaux’s embellished designs are an absolute delight on the eyes and fancy on your little one. We don’t doubt that you will fall in love from the very first piece you try… You’ve been warned! 


Little Riley Studio


Best for... The Chilled out Cool Kid


If laidback chic was a sustainable baby clothing brand, this would sum it up. Their gender-neutral collection is natural, kind to the planet and comfy for kids. Ready to rough and tumble, or cosy up any day of the week, rain or shine. Keep an eye on this one, their focus is on the eco-innovations of today and are a great member of our preloved designer baby clothes online.


 The Newbies in our Personalised Plan collection




Best for... The 'Catch me if you can!' one

 Black Vivobarefoot shoes


We’ve got shoes! Plus they’re the best supportive baby shoes, allowing your baby to feel the world at their feet and explore with their toes in that ‘on-the-move’ stage. The 200,000+ neuro-transmitters in your child’s feet need access to feeling, to get the brain sparking. Vivobarefoot shoes allow this feeling all whilst protecting. So your baby can walk and run into toddler-hood whilst being supported, and you can chase!


Stella McCartney Kids


Best for... The 'I'm cute and I know it' one


We are so excited to welcome our newest addition in our branded collection, Stella McCartney Kids clothing! Not only does the label scream ‘I’m a fashion icon,’ the prints will have you screaming at their cuteness. With adorably coordinated sets, snazzy graphics and cutesy cartoons, we think you should add something right to your cart. Well? What are you waiting for? Go and add something!


 If you think the Personalised subscription is perfect for you, get started today and subscribe here.


Or, if you're a newbie here and want to start simple, head over to our Capsule subscription blog post to learn more about the Bundlee Originals collection!






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