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Personalised gifts for parent and baby


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Finding good personalised gifts for a baby or parent, and avoiding anything too generic which they either don't have space for or which won't get used, is a task many of us know all too well. And for the eco-concious of you, that's difficult without also trying your best to find sustainable gift too!


That's why we've put together some last minute personalised gift ideas for those of you who want to find more unique gifts - and which also keep your carbon footprint low - perfect for the parent and baby in your life.


Gifts for a baby


Rent baby clothes

Gifting a baby is usually super simple. But, when you're looking to gift something more unique - that's also kinder to the planet - this becomes a little more difficult. Which is why gifting something really valuable can be a product or service that won't be outgrown or add to any clutter the new parents will have in their home around the time of a new arrival. 


We might be biased, but if you want to tick the above boxes - and set yourself apart from all the other gift givers - a gifted subscription to rent baby clothes is the ideal gift for a newborn. 


Not only is this a unique idea, it's even more dreamy for the eco-conscious parents out there who will appreciate the efforts made to find them a sustainable present that will also be giving them extra time, space and money in the long run. 


You can gift a 3 month subscription with Bundlee, with either our Capsule Plan or Personalised Plan. Or, if you aren't sure which plan the parents would prefer for their little one, you can gift them credit on their account, starting at £50.


The best part is that the parents can activate their Bundlee subscription whenever they choose, or whenever their little one is ready for their first rented wardrobe. See our gift options and order here!


Bundlee gift cards - rent baby clothes

Wooden toys


Toys are always a go-to for gifting babies. But why not make it more unique? This is as simple as choosing a toy which can be personalised, such as this wooden puzzle from My 1st years


By adding that personal touch, these are the kind of toys which will often be kept forever. This is super important when it comes to sustainable choices as that's one less toy going to waste. And opting for wooden toys means that even if thrown out, they have the chance to be recycled into something new. Simple!



Something for the parent/s



If you have a little one currently, it's easy to make your own personal gift. This is sure to mean something more with the time and effort put in. Plus they parent being gifted will likely keep it forever, too.


This can be as basic as an afternoon spent drawing or painting with your little one, and then sending their art to get printed on a mug such as this one. 


Or how about something kind for the planet? Purchase some Spring flower seeds and plan an afternoon planting seeds with your baby or toddler together. Then create a new weekly routine to slowly watch them bloom alongside your little one. That's a gift you know will last longer than a weekend, too.


A special experience


If the parent in your life is in need of a little getaway (even just an afternoon for some solo time without a mini human following them to the toilet!) then a gifted experience will hit the nail on the head every time.


It's always a good idea to consider the planet when you choose a gifted experience. And there are so many ways to spend time and celebrate in the outdoors or choose a more eco-conscious brand or company who do their part in helping protect the planet. 


Buy A Gift has a filter specifically for this, making it a quick and easy way to find that perfect last minute getaway, and ensure you're keeping that carbon footprint low. Easy peasy!


Food hamper


Every parent deserves a pamper, and a simple - and always appreciated - option is one made with food and a sprinkling of love. There's plenty of sustainable and organic options to pop into a food hamper, many of which can be found on a quick trip to your local supermarket.


Grab some various flavours of Deliciously Ella breakfast bars and chocolate treats, Graze box nuts or dreamy chocolate orange oat bars, as well as ethically sourced bits such as Tony's Chocolonely. Yum!


And if you want to make it extra special, you can get some great refillable product options from The Bower Collective to pop in alongside those sweet treats. Head to this section for Personal Care Refills for some relaxing pamper suited products for a new parent in need of some luxury 'me' moments.


Last minute gifting doesn't have to be stressful or unsustainable. Try one of the above, and your loved one is sure to be grateful for your thoughtful and ethical gift idea.

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