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Summer baby sensory activities - Sandy Beach Sensory


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We love summer here at Bundlee, and what better place to be whisked away to than the beach? This holiday season, let your little one to explore (and taste!) the deep blue sea with this fun summer baby sensory activity - Sandy Beach! Now let's have some wet, messy fun.


What you will need:

Sensory basket
Cereal (preferably brown in shade to look like sand)
Tapioca beads
Blue food colouring
Beach toys
Measuring cups, soup ladle or large spoon


What to do:


  1. Blend cereal until smooth

  2. Cook tapioca pearls in a covered pot until they are floating and tender (It's best to follow the specific instructions on your packet as brands can differ)

  3. Add a few drops of blue food colouring to tapioca

  4. Grab your sensory bin and fill it with the cooled tapioca and the cereal

  5. Gather beach toys and place them in the sensory bin.

  6. Grab your measuring cups, soup ladles or cooking spoons and place them beside the sensory bin.


What kind of learning opportunities does this craft provide?


  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Gross motor skills

  • Fine motor skills

  • Sensory exploration


Note: As with all of our activities, we recommend full supervision because, as we know, little ones like to explore with all of their senses - including their mouths!


Have fun exploring!


Image and activity from 

@funwith.florence on Instagram.


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