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Ways to save time as a parent


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As parents, we know that there's only one simple thing you'd like more of - and that's TIME! 


Whether you'd like more time for yourself, with your little one's, or with your partner, we're bringing you 5 of our top time-saving tips for parents, so you can do exactly that. 


1. Outsource the Clothes Organisation


Sounds sinful, but have you ever wished for your little one to just stop growing? Sorting out baby clothes feels like an endless task. Whether it's going through gifted clothes, selling outgrown pieces, or simply figuring out what to buy for the next stage (and then, of course, going to buy them!), what your child wears can take up precious hours of your week. 


One way you can tackle all of these issues is to try baby clothing rental with Bundlee - because all you need to do is pop the clothes back in the post and swap for the next size up when your little one is ready for more. No more finding ways to sell or pass them on. Easy.


Plus, every time your little one's new clothes arrive at your door, they're squeaky clean and ready to use, so you can pop them straight into their drawer. That's one less task ticked off your list!


For all those currently nesting and nearing the exciting arrival of your little one, you can even pre-order your newborn essentials, so you can get super organised. Renting is a no brainer.


2. Take mealtime off your list


We all know that keeping an eye on your little one and cooking at the same time can be difficult at times. Not to mention squeezing in cooking and mealtimes between milk feeds.


And before the cooking even starts, there's the planning, shopping and prepping. No thank you.


Did you know that using a meal delivery service can not only save you time, but also money on your shopping and energy bills (yes, really! That microwave uses a lot less energy than the oven!)


Mamamade is a life-saver for thousands of parents across the UK, delivering handmade, organic meals directly to your door - perfect for pulling out on those days when you just cannot anymore.


That's dinner sorted in 2 minutes - Genius!



3. Find a place for everything in your home (even if it always finds its way back out within 5 minutes!)


Clutter not only takes up precious headspace, but it can actually add time in your day! And it always feels more daunting when you haven't found a home for everything that's out. Spending a bit of time focusing on organisation can make cleaning quicker and easier - saving you time in the future.


When it comes to your baby or toddler's toys and clothes, try organising their drawers for easy dressing - such as nightwear and nappies in the top drawer for quicker nighttime changes. Or labelling toy boxes with type of toy so you can tidy away easily and know there's always space for it to fit.


4. Write out your tasks, share them, stick to them


This might seem like an obvious one, but it's something which many busy parents find hard to do. Try writing out a weekly routine for all of the tasks you know you need to do everyday - but may struggle to find time for. Then assign time to these things with a no-negotiation attitude, ticking them off when they're completed. Of course, no day will always run smoothly, but having a basic structure is important for your mind - and can help everything feel easier to manage.


If you have a partner, it's also useful to decide early on how you will share tasks when caring for your baby together. Something as simple as putting time to shower into your everyday routine when your partner can watch your baby, can be vital to feeling on top of things.


5. Be clever and practical with your free time


So, now that you might have more moments of free time, what do you do with them? Of course, if you can rest or do something you love, that is the main goal here. But you can also use that free time to actually create even more time. 


This can be choosing to use your baby's daytime naps for things like exercise - either try short online workouts, or if you like to get out and about, consider investing in a running pram to take your baby along with you. Now that's hitting two birds with one stone!


This means that when you get moments of quiet in the evenings, you know you can use them to rest and recharge those batteries and spend time with your loved ones instead. Bliss.

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