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What to expect from our Capsule and Personalised collection's at Bundlee


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It’s important to choose the best option for you when selecting the right baby clothes rental subscription.

Whether you’re new to a baby clothes rental service, considering changing the service you’re currently using, or have been with us for a while and are re-evaluating your options; this post should help you find your feet!

Let’s get started then, shall we? 


The Basics at Bundlee


We offer two subscriptions at Bundlee, so you have more choice in what works for you, your routine and your budget.


This includes the Capsule Plan for £24/month, and our Personalised Plan for £39/month. 


Both deliver 15 pieces to your door for free and can be returned whenever suits you. Each also includes our Bundlee Originals. However, our Personalised Plan allows you more freedom to select your own styles and items from our Originals and from the carefully chosen selection of designer sustainable baby clothing brands.


The Capsule Plan also allows you to order up to 6 months in advance, and the Personal Plan offers you up to 1 month. So we can get you ready, on your terms!


To read more about how our system works, click here and for more reasons to rent, click here.


Our 3 Key Elements


Here at Bundlee, we focus on three key aspects when producing Bundlee Originals for our Capsule Plan and selecting our brands for our Personalised Plan:




We listen to our customers. So we ensure our Bundlee Originals and branded pieces will provide the best sustainable baby clothes for our customers' needs in those important first 2 years of growth for your little one.


Sustainability and Ethicality: 


Even though parents are superheroes in their own way, we know you don’t quite have time to save the planet! So we take the stress out of your first sustainability step, only sourcing our Originals and selecting brands that produce ethically made baby clothes and who reflect Bundlee's own sustainability values. So you can too.


Fashion at a Fraction: 


We want to bring only the finest to you, so we have designed our Bundlee Originals for high durability and longevity in mind, and handpicked the most popular pieces from approved designer brands. So your little one can look stylish, explore the world, and save you extra costs of being fashionable, all whilst growing in the best preloved designer baby clothes you can get. And it’s at your fingertips.


With a monthly cost of £39, you can save up to 70% more than those who buy new branded clothing when renting with Bundlee's Personalised Plan.


Not sure which is best for you? Have a read about our Capsule Plan subscription's Bundlee Originals clothing here, or discover what's included in our branded collection for the Personalised Plan subscription here.


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