Personalised Subscription

£39 per month

Personalise your bundlee to suit your style.

Choose your favourite 15 pieces from premium brands: MORI, Mini Rodini, The Bonnie Mob and Hatley along with the Bundlee Basics collection, worth on average £500. 

Swap as they grow for a new selection of pieces chosen by you, for just £39/m. 


Our brands mirror Bundlee’s sustainable values and ethics. We’ve selected the most popular pieces from each brand, so you can rent them all in one place for a fraction of the price.

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Helpful information

When will my personalised bundlee arrive?

Your bundlee will arrive within 4 working days of placing your order 🎉 

Can I preorder?

Yes you can preorder up to a month in advance. Place your order, then pop our team a message with the date you would like your bundlee to arrive.

How does the monthly subscription work?

Bundlee is a rental subscription service. Keep your rented bundlee for as long as you need that size. Easily return your outgrown bundlee to get the next size up whenever you like.

+ £39 monthly
+ free delivery and returns
+ rental insurance is included which covers the stains and wear & tear that are normal parts of family life
+ fully flexible, you won't be tied in and can easily pause or cancel

What are the benefits of renting?

Zero waste, baby: The circular rental model extends the life of quality clothes, sending zero waste to landfill. 

Environmental impact: Renting with Bundlee emits 86% less CO2e and uses 96% less water than buying clothes. Learn more about the sustainability

Save 70%: Rent the brands you love, for a fraction of the price. No more wasting £30 on one sleepsuit, that'll just be outgrown. 

Swap outgrown clothes: Clothes outgrown? Easily swap for the next size up, whenever you like. A whole new selection of sustainable styles for your little one. 

Cleanliness Guarantee: Clothes cleaner than any you could buy in the shops!
Every piece is cleaned and sanitised before and after your rental. So clothes look, feel and smell their best.