Let's stop clothes waste

Your baby will outgrow seven clothing sizes in their first 2 years. Mountains of outgrown clothes pile up in your home as they outgrow babygrow after babygrow. Inevitably a lot of these are not reused and end up stuffed in drawers or thrown in the bin.

We started Bundlee to put an end to this waste. With your help we can. 

Here's how renting creates a sustainable future for your little one... 


Every time you rent an item of baby clothing, you are saving all the water, electricity and greenhouse gas emissions used to produce a new piece of baby clothing.


Renting reduces the clothes thrown away and taken to landfill. A third of parents have thrown away perfectly wearable outgrown baby clothes because they didn’t know what else to do with them - let's stop this dilemma.


Through renting, we are extending the lifespan of clothes beyond just one baby.


All the clothes that we send to you look and feel as good as new. Any items that are returned to us with stains or small tears, are donated to families in need through amazing organisations. 

Each bundlee rented saves:


litres of water

kg of CO2


We care about clothes

Our outlook is very different to traditional retail companies, who just care about making you buy their clothes. As a rental service, caring about our clothes is better for our business, but it also makes us feel good as people too!

We invest in producing long-lasting baby clothes that can be worn again and again.
Our clothes are made in Britain by a team of lovely ladies who specialise in creating quality baby clothes. Our garment workers are treated fairly, paid well and have a constant flow of tea and biscuits.

Our clothes are made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton, which means they are free from any harmful chemicals.

We also only use nickel free poppers and baby-safe water-based inks, so you can be confident that the clothes are as safe as they are soft. 

If you have ideas or feedback, we would love to hear from you!
Email us at hello@bundlee.co.uk