With 300,000 pieces of clothing heading to landfill every week in the UK, and babies outgrowing 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, the effects on the environment are enormous.

We believe the best solution to all of this waste is renting and focusing on sustainability at every stage of our clothes lifecycle.

Production, conventionally

Conventionally it takes a whopping 260 litres of water to make just 1 babygrow! And 21kg of carbon is emitted in the production. In this linear model of consumption, sadly clothes are often designed and made to be used only once!

Production, the Bundlee way

So for our circular model, it’s important we produce quality, durable clothes that are designed to last. We make our Bundlee Basics range with durability and comfort in mind, so you can use the best quality cotton items that can be worn again and again.

The fibres, yarns and fabric used to make our Bundlee Basics range is all produced at a textile mill that uses over 70% renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels!

The fabric is then dyed and printed in the UK and is sewn by a small women-owned factory that has specialised in baby clothes for nearly 20 years.

Wasteful linear model

Through the linear model of buying baby clothes, an enormous amount of waste is created. 183 million items of outgrown baby clothing are currently stashed in UK homes - that’s enough to provide over 250 items for each baby born in the UK each year (Hubbub, 2018)!

Even ethically made, durable clothes, which are bought are often used for just a few months and then never again.

Clothing needs to be used, reused and shared as many times as it can be.


This is where renting comes in.

We put sustainability at the core of our innovative rental service. When you rent, you know the clothes are used and loved by as many families as they can be and you don't have to worry about what to do when clothes are outgrown.

Our rental model extends the lifespan of clothes by up to 400%, reducing the need for new clothes to be produced. 

Reusing these clothes through renting reduces water consumption by 96% and carbon emissions by 86%! 

A Conscious Clean

Before you receive your bundlee, the clothes are professionally cleaned, sanitised and quality checked at our partner eco-cleaning facility.

They make sure your rented clothes arrive looking, feeling and smelling as fresh as can be. All clothes are sanitised in an Ozone Sanitisation Chamber. Ozone is an eco-friendly process that uses oxidation to kill bacteria and viruses. This process makes Bundlee’s clothes cleaner than any you could buy in a shop. And best of all - it creates zero waste!

Our partner goes the extra mile when it comes to being green. They reuse water and heat from their cleaning operations to reduce energy consumption and water waste. All cardboard, polythene and paper they use is recycled and zero waste from the warehouse goes to landfill. They are rated as 'Excellent' by SEPA on their environmental performance!

Zero waste, baby

In the linear model, companies are not responsible for the end-of-life of clothes. 

We believe this shouldn’t be the case. 

Parents should not be burdened with piles of outgrown baby clothing they don’t have the time to deal with. ⅓ of parents say they have thrown their babies outgrown clothes in the bin because they did not know what else to do with them (Hubbub, 2018). 

We believe it’s our responsibility to stop this waste and ensure the clothing we produce is reused as many times as it can be and never ends up in landfill.

We are proud to say that 100% of our clothing that can no longer be rented is recycled. So you can be sure none of the clothes you rent will end up in landfill.

Room for growth

We pride ourselves on choosing the most sustainable option at every chance we get, but we know there’s always more we can do.

Delivery & Returns: We want to move towards carbon neutral delivery and returns.

Packaging: For packaging, we have used reusable drawstring bags and recyclable mailing bags. We are now transitioning to fully reusable garment bags.

Clothes: We are running an ongoing research project monitoring the lifespan of each Bundlee garment, so we can make every piece of clothing is as durable as it can be.

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