Our favourite baby swimwear pieces to rent this summer


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As the summer sun beams down, there's excitement in the air for parents welcoming a new addition to their family. Amidst a world that increasingly values sustainability, a new trend is emerging among environmentally mindful parents: renting your baby's swimwear. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of renting baby swimwear, tailor-made for eco-conscious parents who want to enjoy the summer sun in stylish swimwear which won't break the bank or the planet once you've finished enjoying it on your holidays!


Why rent your baby's swimwear?


Baby clothing is certainly one of the worst fast fashions out there, with babies outgrowing a clothing size every 3 months on average in their first 2 years, that is A LOT of waste. And then you consider pieces which you'll use for even shorter swimsuits!


You'll likely use swimwear for only a few weeks before you will need a new size, which is why renting your baby's swimwear makes SO much more sense.


Simply choose your favourites, enjoy on your holiday or in the summer months for £2.60 per piece per month, and send back to us when you no longer need them or that British sun decides to go into hiding once more. 


Lets take a look at some of our faves swimwear to rent for your baby's wardrobe...


The Bonnie Mob

The Bonnie Mob swimwear - rent baby swimwear, rent baby clothes 

Always fun, always smiley, these prints scream holiday season is here! These pieces are a MUST for your family holidays this year to get everyone smiling.



 MORI baby swimwear - rent baby swimwear, rent baby clothes

Protection from the sun is important for tiny ones, so these full upper body coverage pieces are perfect for doing just that. Super stylish and safe? We need these in every rented bundlee!



 Patagonia kids swimwear - rented baby swimwear, rent baby clothes, rent kids swimear

A known Dad favourite, Patagonia has provided some cool summer pieces this year which will make any baby the chillest laidback dude by the pool...


Stella McCartney

 Stella McCartney baby swimwear - rented baby swimwear, rent baby clothes

What would summer be without Stella? Pops of bright colour never go amiss, and these pieces give exactly that. We just love a tropical vibe, whether it be in a paddle in the back garden or a plane ride away, these pieces bring summer to you no matter the scene this summer.


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