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Every 3 months you will receive a bundlee of high quality cotton clothes, curated to keep pace with your baby's growth and the changing seasons.

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Wear with love

Your first bundlee will arrive by your chosen delivery date. Open it up to discover a lovely selection of 15 clothing pieces.

These super soft clothes are also super durable and are made to...

    • play in
    • giggle in
    • eat in
    • sleep in 
    • cuddle in 

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Your rental period is 3 months, but you can get the next size up quicker or slower, at the rate of your baby's growth.

Easily return outgrown clothes in the free returns mailing bag. You will be given a checklist to help you remember which clothes to return. Then drop the parcel off at any post office.

We professionally clean all returned clothes. Clothes that pass our quality control will then be sent to the next renting family to be enjoyed. Making Bundlee the most sustainable baby clothing option.

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Receive the next size up

Once we hear your outgrown bundlee is on its way back, we will send your new bundlee with the next size up.

15 more clothing pieces to love! 

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