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Babies wear their clothes for such a short amount of time. And when they are super little, we as parents spend so much money for these clothes, only for them to be worn for around 3 months. And what do we do with them then? Well, we either keep them tucked away in a dark corner of the loft, we (eventually) take them to a charity shop or we wait for our friends to have a baby and we pass them on. It’s not ideal, is it?

When you sit down and work out how much you spend on these very short-lived clothes, it is eye-watering. So, is it really worth buying new?

But what are the other options? You can trawl the charity shops, you can search for hours on the likes of Ebay or Vinted. Or, you can rent!





Baby and Mum wearing rented Bundlee clothes - rent baby clothes

1000's of families are now renting their little ones' clothes, and for good reason. The benefits of renting baby clothes go way beyond saving money (and you can save a lot!). As a mum, we crave anything that helps us to reduce the mental list of things that we have to do. It’s like having all the tabs open on your laptop, but they never seem to close.

Ordering your little one’s clothes all in one go, and just swapping when they outgrow them, saves so much brain power. It combines all those little jobs into a super simple task that can easily and quickly be ticked off your list.

Add to this the fact that renting is great for the planet. Our planet that our babies are growing up in!

The amount of unwanted clothes that end up in landfill each year would make your teeth itch! And we would bet good money that a serious percentage of these clothes are perfectly fine to be worn again. And with babies outgrowing 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, baby clothes really are the ultimate fast fashion.


Where can you rent baby clothes?

Baby in rented The Bonnie Mob romper from Bundlee - rent baby clothes 

Bundlee is the UK’s 1st baby clothes rental service. You can handpick 15 pieces of your choice from an extensive range of premium brands. With this wide range of choice, there is no need to go to multiple shops - your little one’s wardrobe can land on your doorstep with minimal effort on your part!


When your little one has had a growth spurt and is due to grow into the next size, you can easily send the clothes back and choose more pieces in the next size up. 


And sending the clothes back is really easy; it takes hardly any time at all, and doesn’t require much brain space! Simply put the clothes in the reusable bag that they arrive in and attach the pre-paid label. You can either take it to the post office, or have Royal Mail collect it from your house or work. Easy peasy.


Come on, I know exactly what you are thinking! How clean are rented baby clothes? And what about stains? Bundlee have the most amazing professional cleaners in an eco-cleaning facility, who can get out the most stubborn of stains. They can fix loose threads, sew together burst seams, and sanitise the clothes using ozone sanitation, so that each piece of clothing arrives to you cleaner than you would find in any shop.


The reasons to rent make so much sense. Personally, I can’t see any reason not to! 


Take a look at the brands you can rent with Bundlee here.


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