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The secret benefits of renting baby shoes that you didn't know


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Do you ever feel like your little ones are growing up too quickly? It seems like just yesterday they were crawling around, then they're starting to toddle on those tiny feet, and before you know it, you're chasing to keep up with them in more ways than one! That includes how quickly they grow out of clothes and shoes. You could turn around and they're needing to size up. As they become more mobile, their shoe needs change just as quickly. That's where renting your toddler's shoes comes in. Read on to find out why renting your toddlers first shoes is the best way to get started, and the shoes available to rent with Bundlee.


There's A LOT of waste...


Did you know that on average children outgrow their shoes four times a year from ages 1 to 3? (GotSneakers?). Not only that, 300 million of these will end up in landfill every single year. That's a lot of waste. So what can you do to start doing your part in tackling this problem?


Rent your baby's shoes


Out of the many clothes and accessories our parents rent with Bundlee, shoes are certainly up there as one of the most useful kids-wear to rent and return once your little one needs to size up.


That's why at Bundlee, we offer award winning sustainable baby shoes from Vivobarefoot to our community of renting families, the perfect shoe for your baby to take those first steps in!


According to Vivobarefoot, at least 90% of babies are born with perfect feet. Many shoe brands can restrict and stunt this natural foot growth, but with Vivobarefoot kids shoes, your baby's feet can start to grow in a healthy way.


This is due to a number of factors including:


1. Wide, flexible and un-restricting - allowing the feet to grow as they naturally should, and muscles and tendons to 'splay and recoil' more, building that 'strength while sparking that vital foot-brain connection'

2. Ultra-thin soles - so they can feel the ground beneath their feet, and find a feel for walking (and eventually all that running whilst you chase!)

3. Sustainability - Vivobarefoot shoes use and re-use sustainable, ethical and recycled materials to help protect the planet from the 35% of shoe waste which uses PVC or EVA (petrochemical-based plastics) that will take, minimum, 1000 years to decompose (Drapers, 2022)

       Baby climbing in Vivobarefoot kids shoes - rent baby clothes

      Benefits of baby shoe rental


      Vivobarefoot shoes are great. But why is it beneficial to rent them rather than buy them? 


      Often with baby shoes, there can be trial and error in knowing the right step to take as they're finding their feet. By renting, you can try out shoes as part of your bundlee of rented clothes, and have no worry if they aren't ready just yet to wear them. Simply send them back when you next make a clothes swap, and save on the cost of buying the shoes brand new! Easy.


      Not only that, but as a parent you want the best for your little one and give them every opportunity to develop in a healthy way. That also means that investing in great shoes that will not only last, but also provide sufficient support, can be on the expensive side. By renting with Bundlee, you can save so much as our shoes cost just £2.60 per month - that's a HUGE saving compared to buying new.


      And in regards to the benefits for the environment, having ultra-thin, flexible and puncture-resistant sole means they don't mold around one kids feet, so they can be safely passed on and re-loved. 


      Our Vivobarefoot shoes available for rental


      Bundlee, rented baby shoes - Vivobarefoot Zinc Primus Booties, Vivobarefoot Obsidian Primus Sport II Trainers, Vivobarefoot Gold Primus Sport II Trainers, Midnight Primus Knit Trainers



      Ready to take the first step? 

      If you think your little one is ready for their first shoes, watch our reel below on how to measure their feet using a Vivobarefoot size guide!



      Do you like the idea of renting your baby's wardrobe? Click here to find out how baby clothing rental works, or click here to get started today.



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