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Top tips for organising your baby drawers with rented clothes


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As a new parent, keeping your baby's clothes organised can be a daunting task. With rented clothes added to the mix, it can be challenging to keep track of what needs to be returned and what you own. Here are 7 easy tips for organising your baby's drawers with rented clothes alongside your baby's bought clothes.


1. Use drawer dividers 


Drawer dividers are a great way to keep your baby's clothes organised. You can use them to separate the rented clothes from the bought clothes or to separate different types of clothes. This strategy ensures that you can find what you need quickly and easily, see what pieces you're running low on, and it looks super neat.


2. Use an entirely different drawer for rented and bought clothing


Another way you could keep things simple, is to completely separate your rented pieces in one drawer. Then when you're ready to swap your clothes, you can grab them all in one go and pop them in your return bag!


You can also do this for daywear and nightwear. Try putting nightwear and changing products in the top drawer so that you can grab them quickly during night changes and see how much quicker your sleepy changes can get.


3. Label the drawers


Labeling the drawers can further help you stay organised and save time. You can use labels to indicate which drawer contains rented clothes and which one contains bought clothes, or you can label the drawers based on the type of clothing they contain. This strategy helps you to quickly locate the clothes you need, especially during those early hour nappy changes.


4. Label hangers


If you have rented clothes that need to be hung up, dedicating hangers to your rented clothes is a great way to stay on top of things. You can pop stickers on the hangers and keep them ready to go each time you're swapping your rented clothes for a new size. Easy peasy.


5. Use tags on rented clothes 


The great thing about renting your baby clothes with Bundlee, is that we already have labels on our clothes which will help you identify them quickly and easily -  especially after a clothes wash!


Our Bundlee Originals clothes have a little 'B' tagged on the outside of our pieces, and our branded pieces all contain an ID tag along the inside of the seam, so the piece can be identified at our eco cleaning facility on its rental journey.


Bundlee rented baby clothes in drawer


We also recommend that if your little one is going to nursery, to sew a personalised name tag onto the labels for the duration of your rental period. But remember to unpick this gently before sending the clothes back to us, of course! If you're currently renting your baby clothes with us - or considering it - click here for a simple tutorial on how to do this safely.


6. Use a personal stamp on your bought pieces


To identify your bought baby clothes, there are great options for putting name labels into your clothes. This could either be by sewing a name tag onto the label, as suggested for our own, or an alternative option is by using a wash safe ink stamp. These can be personalised when ordered, and super quick to use. Just make sure not to use these on any rented clothing! 


7. Keep track of rental dates


Keeping track of when you rented the clothes and when your next monthly payment will be made is useful for knowing overall during your rental experience. With Bundlee, you can swap whenever you need to. Whether that be earlier than the average 3 month rental period, or later. It's all in your hands.


You can use a calendar or a reminder app to help you keep track of rental dates. This is most useful should you choose to 'pause' your rental with us at any point - such as if you receive lots of hand me downs in a certain size which keeps you going for a little while. This approach ensures that, if looking to pause, you can pop the clothing back before your next rental period begins.


Try some of these tips, and see for yourself how they will make it easier for you to keep track of what needs to be returned and what you own throughout your rental journey.


Interested in renting baby clothes with us? Click here to read about how renting baby clothes works with Bundlee.

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