Why sustainable baby clothes don't have to break the bank


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There's a rumour that sustainable clothing is far too expensive. As such, lots of us shy away from shopping for sustainable pieces, especially for our babies as they're not considered to be the most affordable baby clothes out there. After all, why would you spend more on pieces that they'll grow out of in a flash? But there are plenty of ways to be sustainable with their wardrobes, without breaking the bank. In this blog, we'll talk about all things sustainable baby clothes, including how to rent baby clothes, how to look after and fix their existing wardrobe and how to get friends and family involved.


What is sustainable fashion?


Sustainable fashion refers to the production and consumption of clothing that is environmentally and socially responsible. This means that the materials used to make the clothes, as well as the production methods and working conditions for those involved in the manufacturing process, have a minimal negative impact on the environment and are fair to workers.


Why is sustainable fashion important for parents to invest in?


When it comes to baby clothes waste, the statistics are concerning. A significant amount of textiles end up in landfills each year, and according to Hubbubparents in the UK are stashing an estimated 183 million items of baby clothing in their homes. Baby clothing is the ultimate fast fashion, as babies will outgrow around 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years. Yikes!


These stats are overwhelming, but there are ways to do your part to help tackle the issue, and save money in the process...


How to shop sustainable baby clothes affordably


1. Rent sustainable baby clothes


Whilst opting to buy sustainable clothing mean that they will last longer due to high-quality materials - and therefore saving you money on buying new as often - this doesn't mean it is entirely environmentally friendly, considering your baby will outgrow them very quickly after only a few months anyway. In fact, most likely, you will either push these pieces to the back of your baby's drawers or throw them out.


That's why if you really want to make a difference and do your part for the environment - and to access those more expensive sustainable baby clothes - baby clothing rental is the best way to do so.


Not only does renting baby clothes help protect the environment, and save time and space in the home, it also helps to save the pennies because as we know, baby clothes - particularly sustainable baby clothes - are expensive. By renting, you get access to higher quality clothing you may otherwise steer clear of due to costs, but at a fraction of the price.


And as all of our rented clothing at Bundlee has to meet our values of ethicality and sustainability - as well as being made with high quality, sustainable materials -  this also allows us to rent out the pieces to families for longer, extending their life cycle. This gives you peace of mind as you can ensure they will be passed onto a new family each time you swap the clothes for the next size, instead of hoarding all their outgrown clothes. Easy win!


If you'd like to know how baby clothes rental works with Bundlee and how much you can save, click here


 Bundlee baby in rented MORI shortie romper


2. Share, swap and reuse friends and families outgrown clothes


If you're looking to be more sustainable in your baby clothing choices more generally, then simple ways to do this is to make efforts to pass outgrown clothing onto any friends or family. 


And why not make this fun, too? Set up a swap shop with any new parents you know or may have met during pregnancy and exchange your baby clothing for a fun afternoon and catch up session!


3. Look after and fix sustainable baby clothes


As with all clothing you have, the first thing you can do is look after it as best you can to make it last longer. This can be difficult with a baby due to their general messiness, but making conscious decisions to follow labels and washing advice is an easy way to start. You can read about our recommendations for washing your sustainable baby clothing to make it last longer here.


And when it comes to repairing your sustainable clothing, there is more than just patching up holes or removing the odd tough stain. Some brands will repair your old clothing or shoes for you! This includes brands such as Vivobarefoot, who offer their 'Revivo' service to repair your old Vivo shoes. Patagonia also have a great 'Repair Portal' page which also allows you to send your Patagonia pieces to them for repairs and many tips on how to DIY at home, too.


By investing or choosing to rent baby clothes which are high-quality, sustainable pieces that last longer, passing on old outgrown clothes and looking after your ethical baby clothing, you can dress your little one without breaking the bank. And the best part? You'll be doing your part to protect the planet and ensure a better future for your baby, too.

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